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Why Teach English Online

Online education opportunity continues to increase with a high distance learning opportunity. Consequently, you can choose to work online for many reasons.

Flexible Working Schedule

You do not need to show up on campus because you are allowed to set your preferred teaching hours. With the 24/7 availability of educational resources and good internet access, you will achieve a flexible working condition.

Make money from home

There is a huge benefit attached to working from home, especially for parents. Parents of young children can quickly check learning progress and make lesson plans while their children are in school.

Liberty to Travel

With virtual tutoring approach, teachers can access their computers anywhere across the globe. They also have the opportunity to travel around the world. Connect to the internet and meet students from any location around the world.

Second Job Opportunity

Make extra cash with a flexible internet opportunity. Although it can be quite tasking to take multiple offline jobs, an online appointment helps you carry out various duties easily.

Requirements For Teaching English Online

Are you craving for that work-from-home opportunity where the corporate dressing is optional? Do you wish to travel across the globe while working at your preferred time? Introducing the opportunity to teach English Online that will make this possible. Here are some basic requirements that you should consider:

Although it is vital to be a native speaker before you teach English online. However, it is also essential to hold a legitimate English Certificate and understand the skills and training that is required from a prospective English teacher. Learn more about necessary certification here

While this is not a compulsory factor, it is essential to hold a BA. There is a high demand for English language teachers among online students. Hence, teachers need to have a 4-year degree, even if it is not related to education! Your 4-year degree can be from any subject field.

Items such as a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, camera and headset are needed to teach English online.

A fast internet connection is a necessary criterion to teach English online. A wired or wireless connection with an efficient download and upload speed must be used. To learn more about internet speed, you can click here.

Teach Kids English Online

Lite Professionals made it easy to teach kids online. Teachers can impact positively to the lives of children aged 6-10 from the comfort of your home. You also have the opportunity to teach the same set of kids weekly, thereby watching them as they develop and learn. Lite Professionals provides you with the necessary materials, and all you need to do is to love the art of teaching. An interactive platform, available support and active online classroom makes it a dream for all online English tutors.

teach kids english online

Teach Adults English Online

Lite Professionals have made Teaching English to adults a straightforward task. There are numerous opportunities to work remotely from the comfort of your home.

We make teaching easy by allowing you to choose your working hours. The timeframe for adult lessons is quite short. Hence, you can handle your already busy life. Meet with adult students across the globe and impact positively to the lives of others. With a foreign teacher, the opportunity to enhance your language skills will only get better.

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