Teach English Online to Chinese Students: Why? And How to Get Started

teach english online to Chinese kids

We all look at our careers differently.  Some people don’t care about how they make money, but most people do want be working while doing something that matters to them as individuals.  Often pushed to the way-side, teaching English online is a great option for fulfilling, well-paying employment.  It’s getting more and more popular as the years go on, and the internet becomes popular around the world.  It makes sense, however, that people may need a bit more information.  If you’ve ever wanted to teach English online to Chinese people, here is what you’ll need to know.

Why teach English online?

Here are some of the best reasons that you’ll want to teach English online.  Some of them may be ones you’ve heard before, but they’re all relevant to showing you that it really is a practical job option for home-based employment that actually means something to you.

  • It’s convenient:

Teaching English online really is convenient. You can control your availability, design your own lesson plans (or adapt pre-made ones), and really enjoy the control over the role of the teacher itself.  It’s done however you decide it best to be done, and you’ll be able to make it your own.

  • It’s home-based:

Another perk is that when you teach English online to Chinese kids, you’ll be working from home. You can use your own computer and other tools while making sure that you can get the job done with no investment needed in transportation, office equipment, or anything else that is popular with a traditional job. 

  • It’s a great option for those with busy lives:

If you know that you are only free for the wee hours of the morning or night, teaching English online is a great option, because the hours are often in the earlier/later timezones. In order to work with Chinese students, you often work with their schedules, and you’ll be able to make it work for your schedule, too, without actually interfering with the schedule itself. 

  • It pays well:

When you teach English to Chinese students — children or adults — it pays well. You often get $20+ per hour and, again, this is all without expenses that you often will find in traditional jobs.  Great as a little extra pocket money, or even as full-time, if you choose to make it so. 

  • It’s rewarding:

Perhaps most importantly, these kinds of jobs are great because they’re rewarding. You’re helping students learn a new language and being the encouraging leader of the pack that they need to enjoy the process, too.  This is not something to be taken lightly, and you should feel proud of the good work that you are doing.

How to get started teaching English online

If you want to get in on this fantastic, rewarding career path, you can get started much easier than you might think. Here are the general steps to take when you are looking at teaching English online:

1. Find the platform for you:

There are quite a few platforms out there that have different requirements, expectations and even rates of pay. Don’t be afraid to look around and see what is out there to make sure that you are finding the platform that is going to work for you.  Or multiple, if you want.

2. Make sure you meet their specifications:

In order to keep up the quality of English teaching, most platforms do have specifications in terms of the educational background, the focus of your education itself, and even your kind of English (American vs International, for example). Make sure you meet those specifications before you settle in.

3. Go through any training modules:

A lot of platforms do have some training modules that they put ESL teachers through just to give them a good sense of what to expect, how to deal with potential issues, and simply feel confident before they step into their virtual classroom to take on a lesson. These are positive things, even if they seem negative in terms of the time they take.  You always want to make sure that you are prepared for a job, and an online job is no different. 

4. Try it out for a certain amount of time:

While ESL is a great opportunity, it makes sense that you may not be entirely ready to jump onboard. So, try it out for a certain amount of time (think of it as a probationary period) and then see what you think of it.  The first initial period is tricky for everyone.  There is quite a lot of learning and a steep curve in which you need to learn it.  But, after time, it all becomes a habit, and you’ll discover that it really is what you are meant to be doing. 

5. Adjust as needed:

If some adjustments need to be made (amount of students, age of students, hours worked per week, etc), you will have a chance to tweak those. The whole point of teaching English online is to customize it to your comfort and practical needs.  This will make sure that it is always a profitable experience for you, for financially and emotionally.  While the programs are designed to be comfortable for those who are in them for the right reasons, adjustments can be made.


When you want to invest your time and effort into a career that is fun, rewarding, financially stable, and only getting more popular as time goes on, teaching English online is absolutely the best ticket to give you all of that.  You’ll be able to enjoy an exciting day each and every day and do it all from the comfort of your own home.  When you need practical options for reliable income all from home, you don’t get much more fulfilling and stable options than ESL.  All you have to do is find the right platform and see just how easy it’s going to fit into your life while giving you the freedom that you deserve.

10+ Best Work From Home Jobs

work from home jobs

The daily grind means something different to all of us. Some focus on the idea of a meaningful career where they can spend 30+ years of their life and feel as though they are gaining a life-changing experience as well as a good paycheque.  For others, it’s all about the idea of making as much money as possible and doing what you have to do to get it.  However, what if it didn’t have to be one or the other?  What if you could enjoy a good rate of pay from the comfort to your own home, and still enjoy the job that you’re going?  Here are some of the best work from home jobs that will give you the fulfilling feeling that we’re all searching for.

1. Remote Social Media Manager

Since the world of social media isn’t going anywhere any time soon, you can make your social media skills a money earner by becoming a social media manager for a company or professional that you support. This means that you could manage their social media profile(s) and make sure that the right content is publishing on the right platform and that it is being well-received.  For those that love social media, this could be the dream option when looking at working from home. 

2. Online Freelancing

When searching for work from home jobs, you don’t need to throw away any kind of skills that you’ve developed or that you love. Just get people to pay for them!  For example, you can find all sorts of hosting platforms for freelancers of all kinds.  From editing to photo editing to writing to audio mixing, freelancers are all over the web and charge a pretty penny for their services.  If you have a skill that you want to put to work, freelancing is a great game that will give you some serious chunk of change once you get going.

3. Host for Airbnb 

You don’t necessarily have to put your skills to work, however. If you like they idea of making some money from your home itself, consider becoming an Airbnb host.  You can look at the idea of renting out your home for a serious chunk of change, or just part of it (or even a single room).  It can bring in a lot of spare money and you don’t need to do anything in order to offer it up to someone (other than leave, if you decide to rent out your entire home).  For a minor inconvenience, you’ll be able to bring some money in from a home that you already have available to you. 

4. Pet Caretaker 

Whether it’s pet-sitting, dog walking or even pet training, you can earn some money just be being an animal person. While this may not arguably an option for traditional work at home jobs, it should be.  A lot of modern pet parents like the idea of someone taking care of their pet during the day, and it’s a great way to enjoy the comfort of a new furry friend, too! 

5. Virtual Assistant 

While often thought to be a waste of time, the reality is that being a virtual assistant is a great idea. You are able to help someone out locally or even from another country, and use some basic skills while you’re at it.  This could be answering emails, data entry, or anything else that is considered time-consuming (and profitable for you) by someone else.

6. Vlogger/Sponsor

If you are a go-getter and experimenter that wants options for stay at home jobs that are going to match your personality, a vlogger is a great match. This requires you to post video blogs (or, vlogs) about certain brands and products hat you try and use, posting your honest opinions on them.  When you really get going, you can take on sponsors and make some extra money off of them, too.  The best thing about this is that you don’t need to act as a sponsor for anything that you don’t actually support.  You get to put your name and reputation behind organizations that actually matter to you.

7. Call Agent

While it, too, is often thought to be unprofitable, working as a remote call agent for a call centre is actually a very profitable work at home job. You can do it on your own time, with your own resources, and from the comfort of your own space.  If you’ve worked for call centres before, this is especially useful.

8. Sell Stock Photos

If you have photography skills, you’ll find that selling stock photos pays well. Not only are you paid for the photo, you also get royalties off of the number of sales that it makes via the platform that you choose to host it.  It’s great for those that have a lot of valuable photos.

9. Coding

Coding is critical to everything from websites to programs to mobile apps. If you have sills and a love for coding, you’ll find that you can market this skill much like you could with traditional freelancing skills.  It’s a great way to put them to use and also do it from the comfort of your own space. 

10. Become a Consultant

Consulting on a topic of your own choosing, about something in which you have experience, can be a fun way to meet new people and become an authoritative voice on the topic of choice. This is great when you are specifically looking for a flexible-hour job that is comfortable in topic and fee.  You can do this locally or remote-based.

11. ESL Teacher

If you are a native English speaker, you can make some serious money as an ESL teacher. Done from home, ESL pays well simply because it has long been considered to be the language of business operations.  A great way to put your mother tongue to work!

Working at home is possible now more than ever, and you’ll be able to make some serious money when you put the right traits and focal points to work.

How to Get an Online Teaching Job: 5 Steps

How to get an online teaching job

There are a lot of rewarding careers out there that are just waiting for you to grab them and make them yours.  When you are looking at the right option for you, something to consider is the world of online teaching jobs.  No longer are these sketchy sessions over a video chat with low pay.  Now there is a whole community based around the world of online English teaching jobs that you can tap into.  And, unlike back in the day, you can earn a profitable income from it and enjoy a rewarding career at the same time.  I you’ve ever wondered how to become an online teacher, there are some main steps that you have to consider in order to make it work for you.  Here are the main things to focus on.

Step 1: Make sure you have the right qualifications

There are some qualifications that you have to meet in order to determine that you’re going to be a reliable hire for online English teaching. This is the same as any job opening that is above entry level, after all.  Different online platforms will have different sets of requirements for characteristics, including experience, education, and availability.  There are some other qualifications that you should meet, however, across the board. 

  • Educational requirements:

A lot of platforms will only specify an educational background that meets minimum post-secondary requirements (ex: B.A), but it’s a good idea to make sure that your educational background is aligned with what the platform(s) are looking for. This is also the case when you are online teaching in a more specific platform.  For example, ESL often requires that you are a native speaker of English in order to apply.  When you are online teaching with a specific job group (engineering, for example), you’ll often have to hold related degrees in order to make sure that you are an authoritative speaker in the category.

  • Interest in the job and age groups:

This seems a little obvious when you’re looking at how to get an online teaching job, but it really is important to focus on. If you don’t like teaching kids, don’t go for an online position with kids, specify adults.  If you don’t like the idea of teaching ESL, perhaps consider other specialized options.  You will need to make sure that you have the right mindset to win these positions. 

  • Time management and organizational skills:

When you work online and you are considered a remote worker, you will be responsible for making sure that you stay on top of your own time management and organization. If these are both things that you struggle with, you’ll want to make sure that you are ready for the potential challenge they may bring to your day to day life.  

  • Comfort in online communication:

Since you are teaching online through video (in most cases), you’ll want to make sure that you are comfortable communicating through online means. If you prefer phone and don’t like video, this is something to consider.  You’ll also want to pay extra attention to the training that you get to make the most out of the video chatting itself. 

Step 2: Determine your availability

After you meet the requirements for an online teaching job, you’ll want to take a look at how much you really want to work. If you can look at full-time availability, go ahead and apply for those positions.  If you want to look at something more flexible or part-time, then you can specify that kind of timeframe and ramp it up as you need to.  You’ll find most positions are designed to be part-time or flexible in order to be most convenient for your schedule.

Step 3: Bump up your online presence

Since you’re applying for an online job in particular, you’ll want to consider bumping up your online presence. This could be in your social media accounts, but it could also be in a blog or an online portfolio in which you define yourself professionally and send it out to the people that want and need to see it. 

Step 4: Professionalize your profile

When it comes to that online profile, you’ll also want to make sure that you have it as professional as possible. If you don’t want to link our personal profiles to any job applications (which is understandable), consider the option of creating a professional alias profile on LinkedIn or other popular platforms that are designed specifically with professional connections in mind.  

Step 5: Don’t settle for anything less than you want

This is a big one, and arguably the last step to apply for an online teaching job. Sure, a big motivator is money when it comes to applying for an online teaching job.  But, you also need to focus on the fact that you are getting what you are looking for.  Are you enjoying the hours that you want?  The rate of pay that corresponds to what you think you’re worth?  Are you teaching the age group that you enjoy?  These are all details that you’ll want to focus on when it comes to settling into a new job.  You deserve to have a path that feels right for you and that will be worth your time and effort at the end of the day.


Without question, online teaching is exciting and fun for all those who are looking for the right kind of match and fit into their modern lives.  As the internet gets more popular around the world for career options, this will only increase.  When you want to use the internet to earn money and also enjoy a rewarding career path, teaching online is a fantastic way to do both of those things and still have time for the rest of your life and the people in it.  These steps to teaching online will show you that it isn’t as hard as you might think.  So, get on out there and take a look at what is going to be a match for you!

Everything You Need to Know About Teaching English Online

teach english online guide

If you have a passion to teach English online, you’ve certainly come to the right place in order to make it a reality for yourself. Gone are the days where you had to travel abroad to teach. Now you can teach ESL online with the use of modern technology and proper training that is deliberately designed to be helpful for remote workers.  Teaching online is certainly the way of the future, but we understand if you aren’t entirely sold yet.  Here’s everything you need to know about online English teaching.

You’re your own boss:

When you are a remote worker, you are in charge of your life. This means that you are, essentially, your own boss.  Other than making sure that you are online when you are scheduled to be (for your class session(s) to begin as expected), you can do what you want the rest of your time.  Make your lesson plans when you want, sleep when you want, etc.  You don’t need to worry about “the man” looking over your shoulder if your lunch break runs long.  This is especially helpful for those that are stay-at-home parents or are ill and need to be at home for healing and recovery.

Your scheduling is flexible:

Along the same lines, you can control when you work. While you will need to work with the availability of the students that you teach, you do have control of when you are available to help them.  This is good when you are looking to schedule the rest of your life around your work hours.  No more shift work or variable contracts.  It’s just normal sessions at hours that you choose so that the rest of your life can continue as normal. 

The pay is good:

Perhaps a no-brainer, but it’s something that you should know. With some online teaching jobs, the pay is peanuts.  When you are looking at teaching English online, however, you often get a rate of pay of $20 per hour.  Higher, even, if you are specializing your ESL training in a certain field.  When you are taking this job specifically for the money element, you’ll find that it pays better than quite a lot of the traditional jobs that are local.  All that and there are no travel expenses or weather concerns, etc.

You get proper training and support:

One of the best things to remember when you are looking at the potential of teaching English online, is that you are going to get some great training to help you see that you can achieve anything you want to within the programs. Depending on the platform, you’ll have access to pre-made plans, guided tutorials, information on how to deal with a tricky student or lesson and more.  You aren’t just thrown a few pieces of advice and then set loose.  You’ll be able to rely on helpful, effective training that is going to show you that you are ready to take on the classes.  Not only is this good for the student, but it’s great for you, too.  Having confidence in yourself and your abilities is helpful when you are taking on those first sessions and getting used to the idea of what you’re doing.

You can make a difference in students’ lives:

You have to remember what teaching is all about. When you are looking at changing people’s lives, online teaching is one of the best ways that you can do that.  Not only do you get access to young minds that are looking to learn English, you get to show them that English is fun and that you can be an added support in their life.  You’ll give them a contact in the otherwise foreign English world, and you will most likely be an influential person in their life when it comes to their love for English and language learning in general.  That’s such a great thing to remember and know when you are looking at teaching online.

You can do what you love:

Also, you are going to be spending your time and effort doing what you love. Online teaching jobs may be focused on the money that you make, but knowing that you are doing what you love in order to get that high wage is also fantastic.  It shows you that you are in the right field and that you aren’t wasting your time or effort in how you dedicate your effort to teaching ESL.  There’s a lot to be said for doing what you love and making money at it, after all.

It’s going to work:

Lastly, you can take a look at the above things to know and add this one to it as the kicker. Yes, this is going to work.  Teaching English online is practical, safe, financially responsible, and effective in all of the ways that matter.  You’ll be able to earn a good amount of money, meeting new people, be part of the community that supports you, and do it all from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule.  If you’ve ever considered this as an option for yourself, trust in the fact that it is going to work your way.

Your life is a modern one that uses equally modern features to keep itself in order.  You know this to be true in how much you use the internet for enjoyment, so why not make some money from it, too?  You can keep your life the same, enjoy the freedom that you want, and meet new people from different cultures, too.  All of this and you still get to enjoy a regular paycheque.  It’s hard to think of anything better for the modern entrepreneur that is looking to find success in long-term business.  All you have to do is determine that it’s something that you want to do.  With all of the details above, you’ll know everything you need to in order to make it successful and fruitful for your own benefit.